The Journey Begins

Hello and welcome!

So I’ve started a blog just a few weeks before my 50th birthday!  Am I bothered about turning 50?  Nah!  It’s just a number.  But it is time to make some changes in life; shove myself out of my comfort zone – mainly because it’s not too comfortable!

When you’re small, anything is possible – and we truly believe that with every fibre of our being – then we get ‘realistic’ and are encouraged by society to grow up, have a family, get a big house, get a bigger house, burden ourselves with debt so you outwardly look successful – we all know how it is!

Well, we’ve done all that – and the result – tired … really really tired.

I’m so grateful for all of my family – fabulous husband, three children and 4 grandchildren between us, wonderful parents and siblings – we are truly blessed and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  But now it’s time to do something, dare I say it, that’s a bit selfish.

Some of us suddenly have a defining moment in life that makes us look closely at where we are in life – mine happened last December on the way back from a business trip when I collapsed in A&E with pleurisy – and I’d been working with that for over 2 months – yep, time to take stock.

So in January this year, me and Rog sat down and asked ourselves ‘what do we want to do with our lives’?  See more of each other was an easy one; live a simpler life with less stuff; get rid of the need to earn £x every month to pay the enormous household bills; be kinder to the planet; grow our own fruit and veg and have more time to develop spiritually.

You see, we’re kind of spiritual people – our outward facing life doesn’t always show that side of us, but scratch away the facade, and there we are – a couple of proper old hippies who want to be kinder to the planet and kinder to ourselves.  Some of the meditation practice we have done in the past taught us that ‘stuff’ doesn’t make you happy – go around any shopping centre on a Saturday and you’ll see people cramming their lives with ‘stuff’, trying to be happy, but looking pretty miserable.  So we can cast off the need for the big house full of ‘stuff’.  Start thinking about what we ‘need’.

The answer was simple – sell everything, move to Spain and buy a farm – be mortgage free, live off grid and provide as much of our own food as possible.  That wasn’t a 10 minute conversation by the way!!

So our questions that we’ve been working on ever since:

  • What about the family?
  • Can we afford it – what’s our house worth, can we get enough equity out of it to buy somewhere, how much will a house in Spain with land cost?
  • What do we need to do what paperwork and organising is needed
  • What about the family (again)?
  • How will we live – we’ll still need some money, although a much smaller amount?
  • What problems will we encounter – you hear nightmare stories about buying property in Spain?
  • What would we take from the house – what can we sell – how much would removals cost?
  • Where in Spain should we look at?
  • What will our living costs be in Spain?
  • Will we be able to find work, or find a way to make money?

We’re just about there with the answers now, which I’ll go through in my next blog, and I hope that what we’ve found out so far might help anyone else thinking of making this type of move.

So the house is on the market, and we’re hoping we’ll sell sooner rather than later, but in the meantime we’ve pretty much stopped buying anything that’s not essential and are busy squirrelling away every penny towards our new life.

Can’t wait … whether it works or not, at least we’re trying to follow our dream!





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