Camping and stuff …

Camping in January is a bit chilly at night – I’m glad we chose to camp down on the coast where it’s a few degrees warmer! But during the day – lovely sunshine for the most part and warm – loving it!

We’ve applied for our NIE numbers – you can’t do anything here without an NIE – our solicitor in Baza did the paperwork for us and took us to the bank and the police station – well worth the €50 charge – it was done in minutes and are expecting our numbers to come through next week.

We’ve opened a bank account with Sabadell initially – English speaking which is useful while we’re still learning Spanish, but we’ll open a local bank account once we know where we’re buying a house.

We’ve seen three houses so far – that idealistic idea of living up a mountain – we understand the reality of that now and so have ruled those out!! When the seller takes you up a mountain track in a 4×4 and struggles, with wheels hanging off the side you suddenly realise what remote means!

We saw a house though yesterday that could be perfect – it has all the solar panels in place, two wells and a nice piece of flat land for growing veg. There’s a host of fruit trees and the house itself is plenty big enough for us to have visitors. It’s just 6km from a decent size town and an hour to Granada airport. Think this might be the one, but we’re holding off until we’ve seen the other houses we’ve got booked in over the next week or so.

Moving from a fairly big house to a tent has presented us with some challenges – cooking on the floor, no fridge etc, but it’s a means to an end so I’m just trying to enjoy the experience 😊

And for the first time in over a year the pleurisy pain has completely gone – that tells me we’ve done the right thing.

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