Viewing houses in Spain

We’ve seen 4 houses so far, and the experience has been a bit different to viewing houses in the UK! Because our budget is small at just £50k / €55k and we want at least 1000m2 of land with a preference for well water and solar, the places we’re seeing are off the beaten track! The first place we saw we up in Comares so we met the estate agent at their office in Colmenar, a few miles away. Follow us, they said, as they got into their 4×4 Mitsubishi 😂 So we did! Wasn’t terribly easy mind – shale and rock tracks which had had rock falls and a small river crossing later we reached the most gorgeous little cottage. Unfortunately the land wasn’t really suitable and what they said came with the house was about a third of the amount of land advertised. We’ve asked for copies of the escritorio (deeds) to see exactly what comes with the house. Water is from a community well and there’s a cesspit instead of a septic tank. But at €43k there would be money in the pot to put things right. It’s just the access that’s the biggest hurdle.

Then we saw two houses up in Jaen province – one of which is perfect. We would’ve preferred to have stayed further south for the climate, but we accept there will always be a compromise. Two wells, flat land, solar already installed and even a little swimming pool! And the house comes with a dog, Champion – a German shepherd cross with one blue eye and one wonky brown eye. The current owners can’t have him at their new house, and so if the person who buys the house doesn’t want Champion then he’ll be put to sleep 😱. We couldn’t let that happen.

This mornings house was beautiful – tiny but workable, but all the land is mountainside so we’d be like mountain goats living there 😂 We met the elderly owner and his son outside a restaurant – neither spoke English but I have to say I’m so pleased with how we managed with our limited Spanish – it’s really coming on now. I would say it’s essential to learn Spanish if you’re coming here. I prepared some questions last night in Spanish so we didn’t have to rely on Google translate during the viewing – this was a good move! Follow me, he said (in Spanish) so we jumped in the car and followed up and down a twisty mountain single track road (better than the Comares house!) for about 25 minutes until we arrived on top of a mountain – the views were gobsmacking!

We have 3 more viewings this week – two of which could be real contenders for the one up in Jaen. Hopefully we’ll be in a position to make a decision by next weekend … very exciting!

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