We’ve bought a small fruit farm!

Done it! Back to our favourite this morning and successfully negotiated a price that everyone is happy with. The appointment is booked at the Town Hall for the 20th February to sign everything which gives our solicitor time to check it all out. Two bits of advice I would give anyone looking to do this – learn Spanish and get a good bi lingual solicitor – we did both and I’m so glad we did. We’ve done the two viewings and all the negotiation ourselves only in Spanish, which I’m actually really proud of, and it gives me great comfort to know I don’t have to learn all the legal jargon now in Spanish!

We’re moving to a new campsite on the 9th Feb over in Almeria so we can get things organised and be around in the right area – started making lists already!

Somos muy emonionada! (We’re very excited!)

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