A little ray of sunshine

So we’ve heard today that the meeting this week at the town hall wasn’t the date set for us to complete – it’s actually the date that the current owner should get the planning permission. This should mean that we know by the end of the week whether we can buy the house or not. We did view another house last week as s back up, so we have that as an option if this one doesn’t happen at least.

We’ve made the tent a little more comfortable by buying a small fridge – it’s definitely warmer in Almeria than in Torrox, and we’re not within walking distance of a food shop now, so it was getting difficult not to poison ourselves! Shopping every day tends to end up costing more, so at least now we can buy enough food for 4-5 days at a time.

The new campsite, La Garrofa, is fabulous, we love it here.

Excited now for what news this week brings …

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