Excited isn’t the word!

Ups and downs, a few tantrums and some arm waving, but we are actually completing on the house tomorrow, I can’t quite believe it. Living in a tent for the past couple of months has been an experience, and a great lesson to teach you what you NEED vs what you WANT!

We’re not moving in straight away – we need to add a few more solar panels on as the house currently has just one, and it needs a damned good clean, as it hasn’t been lived in for some time – I did notice on the viewing there were a fair few eight legged residents – they will be evicted immediately! We hope to be in sometime next week though, and it’s only half an hour from the campsite, so we can go up and work in the day and then come back to camp for hot showers, hot food and a clean bed. It should only take a few days (the house is only 56m2 after all!!).

The rest of our stuff (which we whittled down to 13 cubic meters) will arrive just before Easter so that gives us time to do a bit of decorating while there’s hardly anything in the house. We also need to crack on with the work on the land – lots to do!

While we’ve been camping we have become avid YouTube watchers, learning about looking after fruit trees, drip irrigation and all sorts of things that we’ll need to know – it’s going to be a big learning curve!

Once we have the house we can buy a car – in Spain you cannot buy a car as a non resident unless you can produce title deeds for a property or a 12 month rental agreement. We’re seeing a car on Friday that will actually be able to fit down the road to the house (the old Saab is too big!). We’ve even managed to sell the Saab to a couple on the campsite, which makes life easier. The cost of transferring it to Spanish plates is uneconomical, and as it won’t get to the house, it needs to go – for a £700 car it’s been amazing – we’ve driven thousands of miles since leaving the UK and it hasn’t missed a beat.

Then next week we need to complete the paperwork for residency (for which you also need title deeds or a rental agreement!). I think we’ll find a Gestor to help with that – they seem to be invaluable administrators who, for a reasonable fee, help you through the Spanish minefield of systems!

A few pictures of our new home! We’re calling it Finca Del Cielo (farm of heaven):

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