We’re there!

Well what a day! Buying a house here is so different to the impersonal process in the UK. Everyone attended the Notary’s office this morning, the meeting started late as everyone was drinking coffee in the cafe next to the office 😂

The notary reads out the details of the sale, various discussions happen until all the info is agreed, money exchanges hands (we had to take a mixture of bankers drafts and cash) and everyone is happy – sounds simple – took over an hour with much laughing. But the moment that will stay with me forever went like this:

Pepe (old owner) ‘don’t forget to feed the cat’

Notary ‘a cat?’

Us ‘what cat’

Pepe ‘your cat’

We got more than we bargained for today!

So off we went to the house. We still have the Saab at the moment – too big to get to the house, but we had stuff in the car we needed to get there today. So pedal power it was, backwards and forwards from the car to the house. Then came the big toolbox … wheelbarrowed it to the house – the locals think we’re nuts now! But we did meet and feed the cat!

A few days of clearing out and cleaning to follow before we can move in … ready for the challenge!

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