a poco a poco a poco …

This is the answer to everything here! Little by little … and it’s not bad advice (except when you’re trying to get a mountain of things done)!

Me: ‘I need to learn more about fruit trees’

Pepe: ‘a poco a poco …’

In the Town Hall, registering ourselves at the house

Me: ‘I need to learn more Spanish’ (in Spanish I hasten to add)

Town Hall lady: ‘a poco a poco ..tu hablas español muy bien’ (which produced a big grin from me!

In the Town Hall asking how we get rid of the mountain of rubbish from the house

Me: ‘We have lots of rubbish from the house, how do we get rid of it?’

Town Hall man: yep, ‘a poco a poco …’

So because the house is just outside the village, the Mayor has agreed to register our house on the records in Illar so that we will officially be residents of Illar and not just those crazy English living in the campo. This means we were able to give our house a name … and we have chosen Finca del Cielo (Farm of heaven). Has a nice ring to it we think! The welcome we have had in the village so far has been amazing.

Aside from all that we have had to do man shopping – taps, new shower, inverter for the solar system, tools etc – in the ‘olden days back in England’ I would’ve chosen swanky expensive stuff, but all that had changed. Why spend €500 on a shower when a €50 one will do exactly the same job and get you clean! I like this new attitude, it feels good.

Big couple of days coming up getting ready to move in now – we need hot and cold running water in the house which means 2 water filters need fitting, 2 taps and the shower. The water has loads of sediment in it, so we thought it better to fit a filter outside, and then have a second one in the kitchen to remove everything and make the water safe. Then we need to fit the inverter so we have light and one socket, and despite the house being tiny, I’m still cleaning!

Oh, and we have the dangerous caterpillars nesting in the pine trees at the front of the house – procession caterpillars – asked the Town Hall about them but apparently we have to cut them down and set fire to the nests without getting anywhere near them – most definitely a ‘blue job’ methinks!

All good fun en el campo!

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