Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

When we bought the cortijo the agent said it had drinking water – and to be fair, we took this with a pinch of salt as we knew it was rustic or irrigation water. When we discovered the shower was leaking we found that part of the problem was the amount of sediment in the water. We had already planned to put in a 5 stage reverse osmosis filter in the house, but that wouldn’t cope with this amount of sediment, so we set to work.

So we’ve replaced the filter where the water comes in on the land and inserted a second, 50 micron filter on the pipe which brings the water into the house – sorting it that side should then allow the reverse osmosis filter to work properly and give us safe, clean water.

Now throw in the problem of the water pressure – it hits us at 10 bar! There’s a pressure measure where the water comes onto our land, and another on the pipe into the house. Thankfully we have an amazing ferretería just outside Alhama. One pressure regulating valve later, and we can now control the pressure of the water into the house, limiting it to 3 bar. The guys in there were brilliant – I think they realised the mad English people will be regular customers!

Our network of pipes cross crossing the land is hysterical – we’re starting to look like the spaceship enterprise!

Not everything went quite as smoothly as we would’ve liked though! The first test of turning the water on in the house has blown a valve on the filter system inside, so we need to get a replacement before we test again – fingers crossed we’ll have clean safe water any day now!

However, now the fridge has a problem – it runs on gas or electric and has a problem with the thermostat knob – every day we return to the house and have milk in there that’s frozen solid 😳. Life with no bra is one thing … but life without tea – unthinkable! We need to try and fix this as a replacement fridge freezer is over €700

Take one problem at a time, solve it then move on to the next one – a poco a poco!

Tomorrow is another day, and we’re still smiling!

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