A few days in …

Rain yesterday … all day like it does in the UK, and then just as we started to dry out today, more rain! Thankfully I found a pair of wellies that fit well enough. The enormity of the work that’s needed here has revealed itself, so we’re taking everyone’s advice – a poco a poco – we’ll get there but it’s going to take time. Freed the vines up today of weeds strangling them – we need to have one hell of a bonfire tomorrow!

But I think my biggest success today came on the telephone – we asked the lovely man in the hardware shop if he knew of a gas engineer for our boiler – and sure enough he produced a name and number. When you’re learning a new language the hardest thing is to have a conversation on the phone – but I did it! He’s coming tomorrow at about 7pm and we’re going to pick him up from the town hall in the village – I even managed to tell him he couldn’t drive his van to the house – feel pretty chuffed with myself. I am looking forward to a hot shower at some point in the near future! And maybe he’ll fix the gas fridge too, which currently freezes everything in it 😳

In my old life I was constantly prioritising, and that hasn’t changed here – with so much work to do we’ve got to fathom out what’s most urgent. Some of that is obvious even to novices like us, but we’re also watching the farmers around us to see what they’re doing and when.

But would I swap my wellies back for high heels? Never! I’m muddy, wet, and look like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards … and I don’t care a jot!

2 thoughts on “A few days in …

  1. I’ve just had a catch-up read. Congratulations on the new house! Great time of year to be moving in – the whole spring ahead of you 🙂 It will be really satisfying to be able to look at all the tangible progress you make. Keep on keeping on! (Think that’s the northern equivalent of poco a poco…)


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