We have a mechanic, and his name is Jesus!

And yes, he has performed a miracle on the car today! Driving to Alhama this morning there was an awful crunching noise and we ground to a halt – thankfully our insurance includes recovery! We picked a name of a garage randomly in nearby Alhama de Almeria and had the car towed there. After much gesticulating and pointing, he said he would look at it today or tomorrow – and tonight he has just texted to say it will be ready at 10am tomorrow – he managed to find a replacement gear in a breakers yard, so the price is fantastic too.

You often hear of difficulties that people have getting things done in Spain – we are experiencing the exact opposite – last week we called Emilio (our now forever gas man) on Monday and had a new boiler up and running by Tuesday evening. Now today with the car too – sorted efficiently and cheaply – maybe it’s because we’re inland away from the coast – maybe it’s because we try to only speak in Spanish and smile a lot, I don’t know 🤔

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