Thoughts on not ‘adulting’ any more

My son commented tonight that he was doing fully fledged adulting at the moment, which got me thinking about how much I’m not adulting any more.

I’ve always been very sensible really – we’ve managed to bring up three children who are all grown up now and whom we are very proud of. I have held down responsible jobs, and always tried to be a helping hand to anyone in need. Sensible shoes, sensible clothes, sensible life.

Compare that picture of sensibility to now – I set fire to the house yesterday (not on purpose!) and reacted by going ‘ooh Rog, fire’ whilst laughing maniacally – Rog was on the shed roof at the time but got to the house in seconds to find me pouring water over the fire – still laughing (I have no idea why). Lesson here – don’t spray insect killing stuff on the floor next to a fridge that runs off bottled gas 😳

Rog has also taken to throwing oranges at the dog next door – they have 3 dogs but their property isn’t fully fenced, and one of the dogs keeps coming over to our land and eating the cat food (they’re not particularly well looked after in my opinion). Last night we heard the dog by the house so Rog went running out in his dressing gown and slippers, wearing a head torch and throwing oranges from the crates by the door – funnily enough the dog hasn’t been over today! Oh how I wish I’d had time to get a picture!

We are becoming very well known in the village now – for being the mad English in the really old car who wave and shout buenas to everyone as we go by – the funny thing is that they’ve started waving back – and one chap actually put down what he was carrying yesterday to wave both arms at us and shout buenas before we’d done anything – I think happiness is infectious! My son reckons all the locals think we’re on acid or something!

And condensed milk in coffee … all the time 🤗

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