So much to learn …

Work is progressing well inside and out, despite the weather! Rog has now collected up the various piles of tiles that were scattered around the land – we have enough tiles to open a shop! But they will come in handy as the steps at the side of the house up to the terrace are just blocks, so we plan to mosaic them at some stage (not really a top priority at the moment).

The rubbish is almost cleared – 5 weeks of filling the back of the car almost every day for the bin run and we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Both sheds have been emptied, and we have made some amazing discoveries – balustrades for the roof terrace that have never been added – like the stairs these are not a priority, but at least we know we haven’t got that expense later down the road. A really old front door that will be beautiful with a little work. Deckchairs a plenty, including three rocking chairs! Two are currently being given a new lease of life to use in the house, as we got rid of our UK sofa, knowing it would be too big for wherever we ended up buying.

The spare room has been plastered – pretty pleased with how it looks, but it does need some touching up and finishing before we can paint – but as it’s pouring with rain again today it’s not really the right day to be painting! The plaster has taken days to dry because of the recent weather.

And weeding – oh so much weeding! Just a couple of hours outside produces enough to make a huge bonfire! We have started a compost heap, but if we added all the weeds to it it would be like Mount Everest! The good news is that since freeing the vines of weeds they have completely sprung into life.

Talking of vines, we do have our own bodega at the back of the house – apparently the vines produce about 2,000 kg of grapes for wine making – we have a manual and a motorised press, the big vat thing and the oak boots – the only problem is we have absolutely no idea how to use all this to make wine! Need to do some homework!

We’re starting to identify the trees that are healthy and the ones that need a lot of attention – we have five nisperos, all of which look almost dead. Four pear trees that look great. The almonds and olives are fine, as are about half the orange and mandarin trees. I think we might have to lose a few and re plant – I don’t know how many years they’ve been unattended, but even our green fingers can’t bring back the dead! And as for the banana tree – I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth having – the amount of potassium you have to add costs 10 times more than just buying some bananas.

Onwards and upwards, learning more and more with every day!

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