The Spanish Siesta

Temperatures are starting to ramp up here now, and we’re learning the true value of the siesta. I’ve been painting the outside light this morning and the paint is drying before I can get it on the light! So a nice lunch indoors will be followed by a little lie down and then work can recommence at about 5.

In the UK we’re so used to getting up, working straight through and then relaxing in the evening – I think it will take some time to get used to this new way of getting things done! We are finding that we’re getting less tied to time – most of the day I actually haven’t a clue what the time is – which was a really important part of the plan. We tend to eat when we’re hungry and sleep when we’re tired. And I feel great on this approach. We don’t work once it gets dark outside – for me that’s mainly due to the wildlife I have to say!

But we are making headway outside … we have just about finished the first round of weeding and it looks a million times better. Then will come the spraying of the trees – we’re a few weeks late doing that but I don’t think that will hurt. Once the trees are happy again we can start planning out the vegetable garden.

We’re thinking … peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, beans, carrots, corn, cabbage and broccoli to start, and we’re looking at ways that we can maximise the space. We’ll probably do some vertical planting in a pallet as well as using some of the pipes we have lying around, raised up off the ground – both of these methods will be suitable for the stuff that doesn’t need deep soil to grow, like the tomatoes. And we’ll need to extend the drip irrigation for the veg.

We’ve identified the best place for the chickens, but unfortunately we have to find a way to move 8 IBC’s which are each full with 1000 litres of stagnant water first. 🤔 And they’re on a very narrow part of the top terrace so you can’t actually walk around them! Thinking caps on …

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