Using Eco Friendly Products

I was as guilty as everyone else back in the UK – big fan of bleach for cleaning, lots of harsh chemicals in all of my cleaning cupboards, and not a second thought as they went down the loo / sink / drains.

Now we have no drainage systems – any water from the sink or shower goes out under the tree next to the buried septic tank and off into the soakaway. So anything we send out will affect the land, and our plants and trees.

I have bought eco washing detergent and washing up liquid, but long term I want to make my own cleaning products. So I made a start yesterday with a spray cleaner.

Rog lopped one of the pine trees yesterday so I cut off the pine needles, covered them in a bowl with boiling water and covered the bowl. I left that to steep for about 6 hours and then strained and bottled the liquid. Added 10 drops of lavender essential oil to the bottle and hey presto, an effective and eco friendly spray cleaner. Pine is a natural disinfectant and the lavender deters our eight legged friends and other creepy crawlies, and it smells great too. Total cost for one litre, about 50p for the lavender oil!

Next on the list I need to look at shampoo and shower gel …

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