Alchemy ain’t that easy …

After my success with the pine disinfectant spray I went gung-ho into making shampoo!

Not such great results on the first attempt though, but I’m not giving up!

The first attempt was a recipe off the internet using aloe vera, which we have growing here and is one of my favourite ingredients – great, I thought.

Put the aloe in a blender … mmm I have a blender but no electricity to run it. I know, I’ll whisk it to death – 15 minutes later it was clear that wasn’t going to work too well. I know, the garlic crusher! So there I was, up to my elbows in sticky aloe gel, now more of it on me than in the bowl. Rog came in and stopped dead at the mess – I just shouted ‘It’s alchemy!!!’

Not to be deterred, I cracked on with the rest of the recipe – a cup of Castile soap, check; quarter of a cup of sweet almond oil (seemed rather a lot but hey), check; tablespoon of honey (more oily stuff??), check, and a tablespoon of lavender oil. Mix it all together and away you go.

Two days of extraordinarily greasy hair later, I’ve binned it.

So, I haven’t given up though, just not in my nature. I searched for more recipes and found one on the good housekeeping site. Half a cup of Castile soap, half a cup of water (which can be a herbal tea so I used rosemary from the garden) and the merest drizzle of oil – sounds more like it. So I’m ready to give that a go tomorrow …

I did also make lemon shower gel though – pretty much the same as that first shampoo recipe without the aloe and replaced the lavender oil with 50 drops of lemon essential oil and it’s lovely!

In telling this tale to my sister she did comment on the fact we have ‘a bacteria hole outside for sewage and that I’m now washing using garden plants – had I read Stig of the Dump?’ That’s big sisters for you!

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