Water, wild pigs and soap nuts!

Well we can’t complain about daily drudgery here – there’s definitely never two days the same.

The massively high water pressure is causing problems – you fix the pipes and joints and it’s all good for a week until the next leak… poor Rog seems to spend half his time on his knees fixing water leaks – we should buy shares in PTFE (known as Teflon here in case you ever need to buy some!).

Something had been digging around the trees over the last couple of weeks – and I mean really digging! We had our suspicions but called our neighbour in to get his advice – and it’s wild pigs. We need to take urgent action or we’re going to start losing trees. Paco has recommended setting traps and getting a gun and said that we will have a party with a big BBQ when we get it /them. Apparently when the river dries up they start wandering around in search of water so potentially is a summer long problem. A trip to the ferriteria this morning and we have some galvanised steel and special clips to make traps. We need to look up the laws on owning an air gun here, but in the meantime we do have a crossbow.

But the big success has been the organic shampoo – ditches all the recipes, bought soap nuts, boiled them up and use the water to wash my hair – a complete revelation, I will never buy shampoo again! Definitely goes to show how easy it is to over complicate these things.

We’ve also planned out the veg garden now and made sure we’ve planned to put plants that like each other together (companion planting). I’ve also been doing some research on forest gardens and permaculture as in the long term that looks like the right option for us. We would rather take our time and plan it properly as we’re starting from scratch – easier in the long term rather than trying to change it in the future.

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