Working terraced land

Our land here is over three terraces, some of which are suffering quite badly with soil slip.

When we were buying the place we knew it needed new fencing, and we’ve been working our way around the front boundary over the last couple of weeks – it seems obvious now, but I never realised what an acrobatic job this would end up being when the fence needs to go on top of a very steep bank! We’re getting there though, and this groundwork is important to finish before we start planting. As the vines are getting pretty big now it’s made the job harder, but the vines will love having the new fencing to grow on.

We have ordered a huge batch of different seeds – chickweed, comfrey, feverfew, buckthorn and alfalfa to name just a few. We do have camomile growing wild here which is great, but these seeds will provide the ground with nutrients and also ‘hide’ some of our fruit crops that we will grow in amongst these. Having medicinal herbs in the garden will also be great – as a herbalist I’ve always wanted to be able to grow my own organic herbs.

We have visited our local garden centre which is very different to the garden centres in the uk – it sells plants, pots, compost and associated weed killers etc. Quite refreshing not to have a food hall and gift hall and clothes in amongst the plants! We have a list of fruit bushes we want so will take that in to them when we’re ready to start planting, now that we know what they stock. We’re planning to put blackberries, red currants, blackcurrants, kiwifruit vines and blueberries dotted in between the existing trees – which is going to be a lot of fruit bushes!

We did a plan of our land with an inventory of the trees and we were quite staggered to realise we have 88 trees and 97 grape vines!

One thing at a time though … finish the fencing first then the exciting stuff can start!

2 thoughts on “Working terraced land

  1. Go Anita.

    Loving your new life stories and wishing you and Rog every success.

    Can’t believe how many trees and vines you have, you’ll have one hell of a fruity diet.

    I hope one day I’ll be lucky enough to be in a location where we can share a drink and chew the fat once again.

    Bye for now


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