The trees won’t behave!

Ok I’m the first to admit that we haven’t got a clue what we’re doing, but being fairly intelligent and resourceful we’re learning ‘on the hoof’- but I just wish I could get the trees to give us a chance – they’re like naughty kids…

Leaves going funny colours, leaves falling off, aphids with the accompanying ants, baby oranges, mildew on the vines – aargh! Can you just have 1 problem at a time please 😂

But we’re taking one thing at a time (a poco a poco) doing the relevant research and then tackling the problem. We want to get to the point where we have a self sustaining forest, but that’s not happening this year! It will probably take 3 or 4 years to get to that. All the trees have had some fertiliser this week, no small job even with two of us, the vines have been puffed with sulphate powder, trees have had a dose of insecticide and there are a couple of almond trees that need fungicide tomorrow – thank god for the Internet to help us diagnose some of these problems! We spend half the time looking like we’re from the film Ghostbusters, kitted up to apply the relevant medicine to the trees. We have found a supplier near us whose products are organic thank goodness! These trees really have become our new children!

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