Pozo problems …

Over the last few days we’ve been noticing a few problems with the Pozo negro (bacteria hole in the ground to deal with poo) – mainly water pooling on the ground above it, which did have an unpleasant whiff.

Usually you’d go, no problem, we’ll get a man in with his truck to suck it all up and take it away. But, and it’s a big but, the closest the truck would be able to get to us is 1km away in the town. So calling someone in wasn’t an option.

Now in our house there are pink jobs and blue jobs – we’ll both muck in on everything when called for, but today I called this a blue job through and through, and busied myself as far away from the problem as possible!

We bought a bilge pump from a boating supplier and several meters of tube, and poor Rog had to stick one end of the tube down into the Pozo and pump it clear.

The lesson from this – in the past the initial reaction to a problem is ‘let’s get someone in to sort this’ but out here in the sticks, we have to be more resourceful and self reliant, and it’s no bad thing … ok we’ve had to pay for the pump and tubing, which was about the same as you’d pay someone to come and pump out the Pozo for you, but we’ve got the gear now for any future problems, so over time we’ll be quids in.

But some excellent news now … we have plug sockets that work!!! Our eldest is an engineer and he came over last week and spent a day working out what was going on with the solar and wiring in the house … and he managed to figure out a way. We do need more solar panels and batteries, but as long as the appliance isn’t more than about 350 watts we can actually use it in the house! We were starting to think we would have to start from scratch with the solar system, but thanks to Matty we can now simply add to what we have – he’s probably saved us about £3k! Even with new panels etc we will be limited to 2000 watts, but it does mean I’ll be able to get a little convection oven. We’re definitely getting there …

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