A few pictures …

I’ve had some suggestions to upload a few pictures and even a video (which I will do another day!) of where we are – it’s wonderful watching the baby oranges form on the trees and the grapes getting bigger and bigger …

2 thoughts on “A few pictures …

  1. Hi Anita and Rog. I love reading your updates and progress with your life dream 🙂
    I often think about what you’ve done previously to where you are now, and I’m jealous of your scaled back lifestyle.
    Its lovely to hear of your progress and your PMA no matter what you’ve had to face.
    One day I may threaten to visit, but I know you’ll make me work for a roof over my head.


    1. You’ll always be welcome! That phrase ‘less is more’ has never been so meaningful – turns out you don’t need a big house and all the stuff that goes with it to be happy – just 90 trees, a beautiful view and a small house to rest your head after an honest days graft!


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