Pozo problems part 2!

So we thought we had solved the Pozo problem earlier this week … nope – water pooling on the top again. Nothing for it but to dig down to the actual Pozo to get to the bottom of the problem (excuse the pun!). Turns out the Pozo is the simplest form of pit, and definitely not big enough for two people living here full time. Pozo’s are actually illegal in Spain since 2002 but most people seem to ignore this and carry on regardless. But for us to dig a Pozo big enough would require a digger and we’d have to loose probably 2-3 mature orange trees. So weighing up the various options we have decided to invest in a composting toilet.

There are lots of different makes and models on the market, and having done an entire afternoons research, to the point where my head hurts, we’ve found the most suitable one for our set up – Nature’s Head Composting Toilet. It will easily cope with 4 people, so we won’t expect visitors to pee in a bucket! These loos have got really sophisticated over the last few years – they don’t smell, easy to maintain and have the added benefit of an end product that we can use on the garden. After digging the Pozo out today, I think we would prefer any other way to be honest!

The way we look at it, we got the house for a very good price, and well under what we had budgeted for, so investing in this loo (which is €1000 😳) and things like the solar means that we’ll end up with a sustainable home the way that we want it.

And nothing could ever smell as bad as that Pozo 😂🤢 …

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