A year on from my first blog

My first blog started just a few days before my 50th birthday – we had the house up for sale and were dreaming of moving to Spain.

A year on and what a lot has changed. This morning I had my breakfast coffee on the roof terrace in the sunshine looking at a gorgeous view, and haven’t got a care in the world – a far cry from the frantic life we were leading back in the UK – 100 miles an hour, up at stupid o,clock to drive all over the place, never seeing each other etc etc

As of yesterday, Roger is officially registered as a self employed farmer so we can pay our social security payments (called autonomo here) each month. This gives us both access to the public healthcare system and means we can go and register with the local co-operative to sell our oranges. We have our appointment at the foreign office to (hopefully!) get residency on the 2nd July. The gestoria says that with our setup here, we’re guaranteed to get our residency …

When we got here we both decided we wanted to do things by the book – we have met a lot of English people who, until the Brexit thing, had been living here for years but had never registered as being here, hadn’t got their residency etc. We decided to be completely open, honest and show we’ve nothing to hide, pay our taxes etc. I couldn’t bear to spend my life wondering if they would catch up with us one day! Their systems here are improving and people are getting caught out!

Employing the services of a gestoria was a no brainer for us – we’re not fluent in Spanish yet, and not understanding the processes and paperwork would’ve meant months of chasing our tails to get where we are now. It cost €300 to get Rog registered as self employed, and our residency bill is €450 – and worth every penny.

Since arriving here on the 8th January we’ve achieved so much, and are exactly where we dreamed we would be – you can make your dreams come true, you just have to take a deep breath and go for it!

What a year it’s been!

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