Decision reaffirmed…

Just back at Gatwick this morning on my way back home having spent a week in the UK catching up with the family. Lovely to see everyone, and I think it’s made things a bit easier for Mum and Dad, now I’ve proved I will come back to visit! But I really am ready to get back home – I’ve missed Rog and our little peaceful farm – there’s just too many people squished into the UK and I see now just how suffocating it is. Five hours to get back to London from Peterborough on the train yesterday … longer than it takes to fly to Spain – it’s nuts!

It’s always useful to be able to take a step back and review life, and this week has given me an opportunity to do that – having all mod cons at my disposal again, the family all there, familiar shops in walking distance – do I still think we’ve done the right thing moving? Oh yes!

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