Whoo hoo! Residency sorted!

We’re official! And the great thing is that we don’t have to reapply in 5 years as we originally thought – permanent residency is now granted so we won’t have to go through all this paperwork again!

There’s a lot of conflicting info about what you need to get residency in Spain, so the requirements as at today’s date are:

Somewhere to live, and to be registered on the padron at the town hall where you live (rented or owned).

Healthcare – whether private or state healthcare if registered as self employed. Because we have registered Rog as a self employed farmer, we had to get a copy of our marriage certificate dated within the last 3 months to prove we’re still married – this can be ordered via gov.co.uk and costs around €38. Because Rog pays social security each month we are now both entitled to state healthcare (at a fraction of the cost of private healthcare). This only applies if you are under retirement age. If you are already retired there is a reciprocal arrangement in place between the Uk and Spain to provide healthcare free of charge.

€5500 in the bank (although we weren’t asked to provide this)

You will have to attend the foreign office with passports, NIE and proof of the above points. Your UK marriage certificate needs to be translated into Spanish, which our gestoria arranged. As long as all the paperwork is in order you will be granted residency there and then, and be given a card confirming this.

So we have completed this part – the next stage is for us to attend the social security office to register for state healthcare, and then register with the local surgery.

And the final thing we have to do within 6 months of getting residency is to change our driving licences. We will use our great gestoria in Almería again to complete the paperwork, so all we’ll need to do is attend a sight and hearing test. It was mentioned that this might change after Brexit and it may become necessary to actually resit your driving test! We’ll be sorting this in the next couple of weeks rather than risk having to do another driving test!

You can expect to pay around €220 each to obtain residency through a gestoria – trust me, it’s money well spent!

So we’ve jumped over most hurdles now – just 3 more steps to go and we are done!

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