Getting organised

We’re learning so much here and at such a quick rate that info is starting to blur already … so I decided it was time to get organised and start writing down what we’ve learned in an easy reference project book – anyone with a sizeable garden could benefit from doing this too.

My first section is Garden Recipes – what the different essential oils will tackle and the doseage required. I’ve even made a note of how many drops are needed in our 11 litre sprayer for ease. This section also includes things like nettle tea, which can be sprayed on poorly plants to help them recover.

The second section is House Recipes – shampoo, laundry detergent, spray cleaner etc.

The third section incorporates the preserving recipes that are now tried and tested.

The fourth is Garden Notes – the principles of permaculture, a plan of our land with the trees etc – this will help us plan where to put new plants and organise companion planting. It will also give us somewhere to note triumphs and failures so we know what to repeat and what to avoid next year.

The last section is a perpetual calendar – what needs harvesting each month, when trees should be pruned etc. Hopefully this will help us plan our time as well as identify when the best time is for us to visit family back in the uk.

I’m hoping this will become our off grid home bible!

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