What a week we’re having!

Unexpected last minute visit from son number 2, new solar system done, compost toilet installed and armchairs arriving Wednesday!

When we arrived here we had a single 100 watt solar panel with a 150 watt inverter, a very basic control panel and six batteries, some of which were leaking (quite alarming as they’re in the bedroom!). Basically the previous owners had a small portable tv and a bit of light in the evening – which is fine if this is just a weekend getaway. Living here full time meant we would need more power. As a stop gap we added a 165 watt panel and upgraded the inverter to a 2 kw one. It meant we could charge phones and the toothbrush as well as having lights. Thanks to some clever wiring done by son number 1 we have now been able to boost the whole system for just €1500 instead of the €4000 we thought it was going to be – thank god for clever kids! So we now have two 280 watt panels with the 165 watt panel, a new control panel and six new batteries that have a bigger capacity than the old ones – the batteries are the most expensive part so we wanted to make sure we got them right!

This afternoon we were able to boot up the pc, have a small fan running, charge a phone and turn all the lights on – all at the same time!! And it barely made a dent in the power! We didn’t leave it all on for long though! We’ve got so used to living with limited power that we barely know what to do with it all! That will change tomorrow though when I finally get to go and buy a small convection oven – it will be lovely to have more than just two gas rings to cook with – and those of you who know me know how much I love cooking! I still need to be careful of which one I choose and get something that’s as much under 2 kw as possible, but I’m already trying to decide what to cook first – son number 2 has put in a request for toad in the hole!

The composting toilet – so very very impressed with it – fabulous! I’ll leave it at that as theres been multiple blogs about poo already!

So then on Wednesday we get our armchairs – they’re very simple and we had to get some that were on the small side, but it will be lovely to have something other than the dining chairs or deck chairs to sit on!

That’s all the big expenditure done thank goodness! It’s very scary seeing the bank balance decrease at the rate it has recently, but we’re hanging in there and will be looking to work a couple of days a week come September. So with all the major house stuff done we can really concentrate on the outside now.

And the local outdoor pool is now open so I can go for a swim – what more could a girl possibly want in life!

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