A small setback …

So on Wednesday we happened to ask where the local doctor was because at some point we really should go and register for healthcare – we’re both really well and tend to use alternative therapies for day to day simple stuff, but you never know, we said …

Then yesterday Rog was using the wood chipper and his index finger got severely mangled – rushed to Alhama to the medical centre but they said it was too bad for them to treat so we’d need to go to the big hospital in Almeria. I have to say, the healthcare system here is every bit as good as the NHS in the UK, which surprised me. We were seen almost immediately, and then had to wait for the surgeon to have a look. They operated within a couple of hours and I was able to bring him home last night. They decided not to amputate in the end but have stitched it up and seemed happy with how it went. The dressings will need changing every couple of days, so I guess we’ll see tomorrow when they’re changed for the first time how the op went …

We’re just so thankful it wasn’t his whole hand, and it serves as a good reminder how dangerous some of these machines are. Now I have the challenge of making him rest! 🙄

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