Paperwork in Spain ..

Goodness, it’s relentless! Spain is famous for its bureaucracy and we’re starting to understand how it got this reputation! There are local, provincial and national offices for everything, and at some point, you have to sit across from another human in an appointment to get what you need! And multiple copies of absolutely everything!!

NIE – present yourself at the police station

Register a car – we attended 4 different offices!

Buying a house – in person in front of a notary

Residency – appointment at the foreign office

Change of drivers licence – medical centre appointment

State healthcare – NISS office with multiple copies of everything, then see local doctor who applies for your health card

I spent 20 years as an administrator so paperwork has never posed me a problem, but it’s starting to fry my brain even though we’ve been using a gestoria – I totally understand why they exist now!

We have two more steps to go – attend an appointment to get me added as a beneficiary under Rogers state healthcare and to get our driving licences changed – sight and hearing tests booked in for tomorrow and then we can take all the paperwork to the gestoria and they will do the rest.

I’m amazed anyone gets time to go to work as we just seem to be flying from one meeting to another!!

If you’re planning to move to Spain, put away about €1500 for gestoria fees (not including house purchase, your solicitor sorts that) unless you try to navigate the various systems, which I really wouldn’t recommend!

Going for a lie down now 😳

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