Striving for perfection

Whilst having a little siesta this afternoon I started to ponder this subject as I thought about not only how different my life is now, but what changes it has brought about in me.

I heard something many years ago, which I largely ignored until now:

80% of perfection is generally good enough – you’ll spend as much time completing the last 20% as you did on the first 80% – I think that’s pretty true!

I was definitely a perfectionist in my old life – everything in the house had to be just so (to the point where I used to iron dusters so they looked nice piled up in the cupboard). I would get desperately frustrated at work, both with myself and with colleagues. I would worry about what had and hadn’t happened and lived in an anxious state about the future.

True, yoga and meditation did help a lot, but compared to now I realise that I lived in the present when doing yoga or meditating, but not too much at other times!

So fast forward to now – I actually apply that living in the present stuff pretty much all the time now. Things can’t be perfect living where we do, and I’ve learned that less than perfect is absolutely fine. I still like to keep the house clean, but I’m not obsessive about it. I don’t iron and sometimes our clothes have wrinkles in them 😳😂 We have days where we plan to do stuff, and you can guarantee that we’ll get waylaid somewhere along the way. Great example is you need the generator to run something to do that job – generator breaks therefore spend all day mending the generator – this type of thing happens a lot! But every day we’re living and experiencing. To get here we’ve sold / given away pretty much everything we had – seems it’s easier to be happy the less we have – maybe because we appreciate every single thing we have in a way I never did before!

My sister is a great example – she’s currently renovating a house in Surrey – and every time I speak to her on a video call she’s in a state of total panic at some problem with the house – she’s been renovating for over 18 months and the big thing she’s pushed to one side while working on the house is LIVING! What’s more important – a flashy kitchen or your life and happiness? Everyone is different and wants different things, and I respect that. She says the kitchen will make her happy …

But, and here’s the big question – what will be enough for you? At what point will you be able to go ‘that’s it, I’m happy with what I’ve got’? Or will there always be more and more to strive for in the pursuit of a perfect life?

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