Learning what a year looks like here

I mentioned that I had started a project book which contains a perpetual calendar, mainly because the growing and harvest times here are totally different to the UK. We watch the other local farmers to see what they’re doing and when, which is a great help. But we’ve come to the conclusion that July and August are definitely the ‘back off and rest months’! The other farmers do the minimum – an hour of strimming in the morning or evening at a push. One or two have harvested their peppers, and you see the odd rotivator – but apart from that, nothing. And the reason is an obvious one – it’s just too hot. I decided to do some strimming yesterday and by 10.30 am I had to stop – absolutely soaked through with sweat 💦

So we’ll know for next year and plan accordingly (basically accept its down time!) Next month and October we’ll be pruning all the trees except the orange trees (which are looking very healthy and covered in fruit growing at a rate of knots!). Then December is the olive harvest. We can also start some planting in September – we’ve tried to plant some seeds recently but the sun is so strong it kills the tiny shoots within minutes of them popping through, so until we’ve got some shade there’ll be no summer planting!

I’ve been using the quiet spell to start a TEFL course, which will enable me to start teaching English as a foreign language online – we do need to start thinking about earning some money!

2 thoughts on “Learning what a year looks like here

  1. I’ve read all of your blogs so far this evening. Sounds like a real adventure. Glad to hear your feeling better too. Looking forward to your next update. More photos too please. Lynn x

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