People who moan about Spain …

Ok so you may have enjoyed one or more holidays in Spain in the past – maybe in a really touristy area such as the Costas. Someone we know has had a holiday home in such an area for years and has never had anything good to say about Spanish people, and constantly moan about Spain as a country. They have just sold .. probably for the best!

So what is it really like living here?

Away from the Costas it’s bloody marvellous. Community and family are so important. People say hello and have time to stop and speak. People work hard when there’s jobs to be done, but also know how to relax, kick back and enjoy life. In our experience, they turn up when they say they’re going to. And you don’t get ripped off just because you’re English.

I had a call the other day which turned out to be a wrong number – it went like this:

Me – Hola

Them – I’m calling about a cooked turkey order (English person)

Me – Sorry, can you say that again!

Them – I just need someone to speak my language – I’m calling about a turkey (quite angrily)

Me – We’ll actually I’m English – I thought you said turkey! Sorry but I think you have a wrong number …

These are the people who have a rough time in Spain and constantly moan about everything! And it’s no wonder – clearly made no effort to learn the language and are then rude to people who don’t speak English! Put that scenario into an English setting – a Spanish person expecting everyone in England to speak Spanish! Can you imagine the outcry!

In my opinion there are people who come over here looking for a mini England in the sun – and they wonder why local Spanish people get the arse about this. It would actually be a travesty for the Spanish culture to be swamped by the English culture.

When we first arrived in Spain we stayed in a Costa Del Sol town for a month on a campsite – just about everyone in town spoke some English – and there we were trying to learn Spanish! We hated it there – couldn’t wait to get away!

The solution – learn to integrate, do things how the locals do, learn the language, smile, take on the culture, join in, don’t moan at the price of PG tea – and if anyone isn’t prepared to do at least some of these things then maybe the UK is the best place for them!

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