As the nights start to draw in …

So here we are, September already, and the days are getting shorter.

We’re used to really long summer days and really short winter days in the UK – in Spain the difference in daylight hours between summer and winter is less drastic – it never gets light here at 4.15am like it does in the UK, but similarly it never gets dark at 3-4pm in the winter.

I got up just before 7am the other day and thought I’d made a mistake and got up in the middle of the night! It was still pitch black outside! Until just a couple of weeks ago we were sitting in the roof till 10-10.30 at night, but now it’s dark by 9pm. The lowest temperature in the night that we’ve had for months has been 19/20 degrees – that’s quite comfortable but I have to say I’m not sorry to see the back of night temperatures at 26 and 27 degrees – with no air con here that gets quite sticky!

In April we took the duvet off the bed and just slept under the duvet cover – and since June we haven’t even slept under that!

With the daytime temperatures now dropping to 29/30 it’s possible to work outside for more of the day (although that little afternoon sleep is becoming a real habit!). And looking at the forecast we’ll be dropping to mid 20’s over the next couple of weeks. Time to ramp up the outside jobs. It’s likely we’ll have more conventional working times then over the autumn and winter, closing the door and drawing the blinds after dinner.

So what do we spend our evenings doing – no telly is brilliant, we don’t get sucked into the worlds problems watching the news. I have rediscovered my love of reading and chew through books like no tomorrow! Thankfully I have a kindle so I don’t have to find anywhere to store all the books. Rog isn’t an avid reader, so he tends to spend time on You Tube watching how to convert IBC’s into something more useful, how to take a carburettor out of a chain saw etc – he has learned an impressive amount of useful stuff over the last few months! I also have my sewing – I’m still working on that heritage patchwork quilt which is all being sewn by hand! It’ll get finished eventually! It’s been too hot since June to see – my hands get so sweaty I can’t hold the needle 😳

And now that we have a decent amount of solar energy, WiFi and a computer, it means we can also watch the odd film at night. We got an Amazon Espana prime account for €32 for the year which gives us access to films, series etc. Back in the UK the tv used to be on a lot without it being watched – just background noise. But being on solar energy only means we have to watch our consumption after dark so we sit and watch something, then it’s off.

And we talk to each other – one of the reasons for this move was the fact that we never saw each other – we’ve been together for 24 years and married for 20 years, and we still like spending time together!

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