Vetiver grass update

Well that wasn’t so bad! All the IBC’s have been moved to the other end of our land for now – Rog has already used one of the cages to make a roof rack for the car, and one is now outside the house to catch rainwater from the roof terrace. We had 8 IBC’s in total – 2 of the remaining ones we’ll be turning into hen houses, and a couple of others will become raised vegetable beds – nothing gets wasted here!

The vetiver is all planted – it was impossible to do perfectly straight rows because of the state of the banks, but we’ve got 2 complete rows plus a third row in the worst parts rows in on the bank nearest the house – just have to wait and see now how they take. They’ll need watering every two days for the first few months while they get established. We haven’t put any drip irrigation in yet, thought we’d start off with the hose and see how it goes.

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