Recent storms

You might’ve seen in the news the storms that hit south eastern Spain last week – luckily we were just on the edge of those rather than in the middle of them, but it was still a scary couple of days.

To make it worse, Rog was in the UK visiting family, so I was here on my own for the first time!

The rain started Thursday with several downpours, and then the storms hit Thursday night and went on until Saturday morning. I’ve never been scared of storms – always enjoyed watching them, but the one at 4am Friday morning will stay with me forever. I must’ve drifted off in between storms, and the clap of thunder at 4am didn’t just wake me up, I actually jumped out of bed and ran into the other room! Never heard anything like it in my life! The tin roofs of the sheds rattled, the bed moved and the whole house shook! I thought we’d been hit by lightening! That storm lasted until 6.30am – so I sat there drinking tea waiting for the storm to move on before grabbing a couple of hours kip!

I did a quick inspection outside later on Friday morning – the newly planted vetiver had taken a beating but fingers crossed it will recover. Aside from the car sitting in the middle of a small lake we looked pretty unscathed. No collapsed terraces or damaged trees – I think we were very lucky.

We had just put an empty IBC by the kitchen to catch rainwater off the roof terrace – it holds 1000 litres and filled up in 24 hours!

The sun came back out on Sunday though, and it does mean we won’t have to irrigate for a few days!

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