Good water

There are many aspects to leading a healthy life, but I think we’ll all agree that having access to a safe water supply is essential, and it’s something that’s taken for granted in developed countries.

Some years ago, we became aware of the side effects of drinking tap water in the UK, and so installed a 5 stage reverse osmosis water filter in the house. I will credit my step son with this who, on his return from New Zealand, told us about Kangen Water and the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Our main concern with our tap water was the addition of fluoride to the water supply. Fluoride will naturally be present in water across the globe at about 1 part per million, but across much of the UK, fluoride is added to water with the justification that it decreases tooth decay. Indeed it was hailed as a great gift to the people. There are many countries around the world that that add fluoride to drinking water.

But what else does fluoride do? Studies have shown that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, which is like wrapping it up in cotton wool to effectively deaden it. There are theories banded about that it was used as chemical warfare in WW2 by the Nazis to pacify Jewish prisoners – many of these theories have been hailed as untrue – who knows whether this was the case or not?

So why is the pineal gland so important? The pineal gland is a small pea shaped gland tucked away right in the centre of the brain. Scientists aren’t really sure what it’s purpose is – they know it produces melatonin, which helps with sleep patterns. But for millennia, the pineal gland has been associated with the ‘third eye’ – how we connect to the universe. The pineal gland releases DMT when we sleep in tiny amounts, and then at the moment of death we experience a big hit of DMT. DMT is often referred to as the Spirit Molecule, and many people who experience near death experiences comment on seeing a white light – this is likely to be the DMT at work. It is present in every living thing on the planet, and there are cultures who brew plants to create a drink for ritual purposes. DMT on its own is a massive subject, which I won’t go into here, but there’s millions of pages on the internet with info about this. Some people take DMT in large doses to experience the psychedelic effects – not something we’ve ever felt the need to do to date, and I should point out that DMT is an illegal drug in many countries. People who have taken it speak of an amazing experience showing them the universe in all its glory. There are also breathing techniques you can employ that encourage the body to naturally release DMT – Wim Hoff is probably the most famous fellow to teach this – again, you’ll find lots of info on the internet and YouTube.

So anyway, we initially bought a really good standalone filter to try out drinking near pure, alkaline water. After a couple of months, and after starting to see the benefits, we upgraded to an installed system so we would have filtered, alkaline water ‘on tap’

It only cost about £150 and the filters needed changing annually at a cost of about £50. We also bought water bottles with filters in so that when we weren’t at home we could still drink good water.

I was already meditating regularly (or trying to!) and an enthusiastic yoga student. I had also discovered Eckhart Tolle, living in the present and mindfulness (thanks to my boss at ParentMail, Paul, to whom I will be forever grateful for this). But I often struggled with all of this – working lots of hours and feeling a bit tortured by life, I struggled to relax during meditation and suffered constantly from brain chatter. I just couldn’t get my mind to shut up for a minute!

So, what did we experience with the new water? It was like we woke up from a dream (or a nightmare) – that’s the only way I can describe it.

Suddenly, we could meditate and it became so clear what was important and what was artificial. Having a small farm and a simple life had always been a dream – now we knew we simply had to find a way to do it – and I put this life changing decision down to the water we were drinking.

All the trappings and ‘security’ we’re all led to believe we need for a happy life showed themselves to be just that – trappings – they trap you into needing more, wanting bigger and better. We stop remembering that we’re part of an amazing universe, that we’re made out of the same stuff as our planet and universe. We become obedient, believing that the structure of modern society is the right / only way to live. We believe the scare mongering – what better way is there to control people than through fear and division?

One Saturday, we sat at a cafe in Peterborough people watching – trudging through town with bags of stuff – did they look happy? No! I wanted to go and shake them and say ‘can’t you see what you’re doing to yourself – believing that buying stuff will make you happy? It won’t! It’s a trap!’ – but I didn’t – just didn’t fancy explaining to my mum why I’d been arrested in town for shaking people 😂

Now I know that to some people, I probably sound like a raving loonie at this point. And I’m not saying that you’re wrong to want a nice house, a good job and to live wholly in the system – but it’s just not for us. We’re realistic enough to know we haven’t fully escaped – we’re registered legally here in Spain, we pay our taxes and bills. There are people who totally ‘disappear’ from the system, and I take my hat off to them. For us, we feel like we have a good balance.

There’s a growing movement around the world for people to wake up – but it can only happen if individuals take the step and make it happen! And if you’re happy as you are, fabulous.

BUT, if you take nothing from this blog apart from the need to drink good water, then I’m happy … it doesn’t make everyone throw everything up in the air like we have you know!

My next blog will be on what we do now to change the water we get (river irrigation water) into good, safe drinking water – that’s what this blog was supposed to be about, but I got distracted!

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