My biggest fear realised!

Now it’s getting darker a bit earlier we sometimes put the computer on after dinner and watch the odd film. So the other night we were in the spare room watching a film, and Rog said he’d go and make a cuppa. As he went to stand up, he froze and said ‘leave the room … now!’ I laughed and said why? ‘Just go …’

So now I’m in the kitchen and ask again ‘why?’

‘There’s a snake in there’

😱 There are just no words for the paralysing fear I felt – if there’s one thing on this planet I just cannot deal with, its snakes. At this point I decided the kitchen wasn’t far enough away, so I went into our bedroom, and got on the bed .. in that ‘there might be a monster under my bed kind of way’ and left Rog to deal with the snake.

After much crashing and banging, Rog came into our bedroom armed with a large carving knife (my best Sabatier I hasten to add!) and a walking pole and declared the house safe again. My hero!

Apparently it was only about 8 inches long and we have no idea whether it was one of the dangerous variety we can get round here … we take the attitude that all of them are dangerous! Rog tried to get it with the knife but when it turned on him hissing he decided that using the knife meant his hand was a bit too close for comfort! So he just kept stabbing at it with the walking pole. Neither of us likes killing animals, but I think I can justify this one.

We found a tiny hole under the window, which has now been filled, so hopefully this won’t be repeated ever again – dear god I hope not! I think we both could’ve done with something a bit stronger than a cuppa after that!

We have ordered two sonic repellent sticks for outside that are solar powered and are supposed to keep beasties away … they can’t arrive too soon for me!

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