Ready for winter!

Clearly, winter here won’t be like winter in the UK (I hope not or I want a refund!!), but it will get chilly in the mornings and evenings. There is a fireplace in the corner of the room, which we used a few times when we first moved in – the problem we had is that being a single storey house, the chimney isn’t that tall and we weren’t getting a good draw … which meant the room filled up with smoke every time we had a fire. We tried several approaches, such as an upside down fire, but nothing really worked. Open fires also take a lot of tending.

So we decided to but a small wood burning stove – it will burn hotter and keep the room warmer for longer, and with less smoke (well, that’s the plan!)

I can’t ever have imagined us installing this ourself in the UK – we paid a small fortune to put one in back there … but over here we’re pretty self reliant!

So up the chimney went Mr C with the pipes, elbows and magic heatproof tape!

And in just 30 minutes we’re good to go!

Now we just need a chilly day to try it out 😂

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