New hobbies

I’ve always loved having lots of hobbies, but rarely had the time to indulge in them.

We’ve just had our first proper couple of rainy cloudy day for months, and so the solar batteries have struggled a bit, so feet up with a film is out of the question tonight. Luckily I bought a crochet hook and some wool the other day after seeing a project on YouTube that I fancied having a go at – making a crochet laundry basket (don’t laugh!). Well on day two of cloud and rain we now don’t have enough electricity to turn the lights on – so it’s crochet by candlelight!!

Now, although I have A Level needlework and am fairly decent with a sewing machine, knitting and crochet are something I’ve never really taken to … you only have to ask my poor daughter in law. When she was expecting our first grandchild I felt a compulsion to crochet something (‘cos that’s what Granny’s do!) so I turned out this awful pram blanket, all wonky and with holes where there weren’t supposed to be holes – you get the picture. Well I handed it over saying I won’t be offended if you don’t use it … her face was a picture! Funnily enough it never did make it into the pram 😂

So here I am, one failed square to my name as my crochet history … but it’s working … I’m actually doing it, I’m making something that might actually be able to be used!!

It is lovely having time to try new things, and with the fire glowing and the candles flickering, I really wouldn’t change a thing!

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