Going a little bit feral …

So we’ve reached the point now where life is settling into a nice routine. The first few months here we were crashing around trying to get things done, finding shops to buy things we needed for the house, then realising we’d forgotten something so off we go again! But now, it’s all calmed down considerably, and we generally only leave the farm twice a week – Wednesday morning into the village for the market to get fruit and veg, and Friday we go to Alhama, about 8km away, for our supermarket shop, and anything else we need from the hardware shop etc. We’re down to about one trip every two months into Almeria now (which has become a big day out 😂).

So we’ve found ourselves going a little bit feral … just us two here, so what if I’ve worn those trousers for 3 days, if I put a clean pair on they’re only going to get muddy … keeping clean here is just impossible! We do make a bit more effort on the days we go out, don’t want the locals thinking we’ve completely lost the plot already 😂 but I certainly don’t feel the need to get best bib and tucker out – most people round here work the land so I think of it that we’re just blending in!

Living off grid with very limited solar power means no hairdryer (or other electronic beauty gizmos). Once upon a time I wouldn’t have dreamt of leaving the house without blow drying my hair as well as a bit of foundation and mascara as a minimum.Since we’ve been in Spain, I’ve worn make up once – and it felt horrible! I can now shower and be ready to leave the house in under 20 minutes (like blokes can!) – it’s a bit of a revelation I have to say!

When I went back to the UK in June I didn’t take any make up with me, I’ve just got used to not wearing it now, and I don’t feel ‘naked’ going out without it. I deliberately grew my hair longer while we were planning the move, so on a bad hair day I just tie it up, job done!

And has it made any difference not trying to doll myself up in the morning – hell yea, there’s more time for drinking tea!

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