Today’s adventure is brought to you by …

‘Up a bit, hold it, right a bit, LIFT, aarghhhh, LIFT, it’s nearly in, right a bit, it’s in, it’s in’

So the roof terrace had 3 poles on the front edge when we bought the place – no idea what the previous owner had them for, but they’ve been my washing line so far. For the wind turbine, we needed to get it up high. Rog managed to find another pole that fitted inside one of the poles on the terrace, and so today we have installed the turbine. It’s taken most of the day, with a lot of shouting of encouragement to each other and gargantuan effort for the last big – getting the top pole with the turbine in it into the bottom pole. Because the cable runs through the poles, we had to lift the top pole from horizontal so that the two middle bits of pole stayed together, then once the top pole was upright we could slip it into the bottom pole. It was harder than it sounds!! Walking up a step ladder on the corner of the terrace whilst lifting the pole up into a vertical position!

The turbine comes with a control box that converts the power from AC to DC, the same as the solar panels, so we’ve been able to wire the turbine into the solar panel cabling and so into the control panel and batteries.

After a week of 80 km winds, wouldn’t you know it that today there isn’t a breath of wind … so we just need to wait for some wind now to see how well it works (and whether those poles will be strong enough!)

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