Ooh a new washing machine!

For the first month or so I was washing, rinsing and wringing by hand – and it was not at all fun! Then I got a little hand cranked machine, which is fabulous, but has one drawback – it’s a bit small … washing the duvet cover, large towels, dressing gowns etc is not great.

So we’ve (that’s the Royal we – it was mainly Rog!) built a solution for the larger stuff, and we’re a bit chuffed with this …

One 50kg barrel with a hole cut out of the side and a tap for draining the water away underneath – a metal pole through the middle attaches it to the frame, and it even has agitators inside (made of plastic pipes cut in half and attached to the inside of the barrel). This one doesn’t need to be spun all the way around like my little one – I just stand at the end holding the wooden pole and turn it backwards and forwards – it’s enough to get the washing and the water sloshing about nicely and provides a bit of exercise at the same time!

Total cost – about 15 euros – we had the barrel here already, so just needed the metal pole, a couple of hinges and the clip. The frame is made from pallet wood (we’re tinkers for picking up pallets that have been dumped when we’re out and about!).


4 thoughts on “Ooh a new washing machine!

    1. I just got back yesterday from a week in the UK – it was freezing, grey and rainy for the whole week – today it was about 20 degrees here in the sun and blue sky all the way! 🌞 love it!!


      1. I hate it when the skys blend with the ground in the uk, dull dull dull. I’ve been watching YouTube alot recently, plenty of money to be made for those keen to share their life experiences- ever thought of it for yourselves?


        1. We watch YouTube quite a bit and had the conversation about doing something on there – I think we’re still in the learning phase rather than at the expert phase at the moment … one day maybe! I enjoy doing the blog – gives us a nice reminder of how far we’ve already come on this adventure!


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