The builders are in!

We’ve tried to do pretty much everything under our own steam here, but it’s really important to know when something is simply beyond your capabilities.

The second bedroom wasn’t quite finished outside when we bought here – understatement of the year!

So Emilio and his merry band have been brought in to sort this out. We’re on day 2 and good progress is being made – all this you hear about Spaniards being lazy is complete rubbish. Never seen builders work so hard and refuse tea coffee and food all day. They start at 8am and finish when it goes dark at 6pm. We’ve experienced this time and again this year with every trade we’ve had dealings with.

We’re also getting them to render the inside of the bodega. We’re never going to make wine here, no point when we hardly ever have a drink, so we’ve taken out the wine making equipment and will be using this room to store our produce and the preserves I make etc – a much better use of the room. We’ll need some shelving and cupboards (more pallet wood!) once the render is done and we have loads of old tiles here so we might tile it to help keep it cooler. Here’s the ‘before’ pictures – it’s all a bit grim!

The outside wall of the bodega is also being finished – somewhere along the way they ran out of bricks when they built it … and so finished the wall with mud for goodness sake!

When the builders came to look at what needed doing, they used that much loved phrase in Spain ‘ay madre!’ (Oh mother!). At least there was no sucking through teeth!

I’ll hopefully have some prettier pictures next week!

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