Hurrah we got 31 litres!

We weighed in our olives last week and went back today to collect our share of the oil.

They take a sample from the olives you weigh in and calculate how much oil your olives will yield. They then give you back a percentage of the oil from your total batch. So the better quality your olives are, the more oil you get.

We were hoping for about 25 litres based on what the locals were saying, so you can imagine we were over the moon when they gave us 31 litres of extra virgin oil! The cost of that to buy in their factory shop is about €120!

We have three varieties of olives here, and the best yield came from the tiny little round olives rather than the great big fat ones! Everyone said to us that the little ones make fab oil.

And with the bodega almost finished, we will have somewhere to store it all thank goodness!

So look out for La Almazara de Canjáyar Extra Virgin Oil – if you buy a bottle you might just get some made from our olives 🤗

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