Builders are all done…

Really happy with the work that our builders have done – money well spent… here they are and what the house looks like now:

The wall outside the bodega by the steps in this next picture was a few bricks but mainly made of mud! It’s now a proper wall! And they did the steps while they were at it so they’re even now!

As a reminder this was it three weeks ago!

We’ve also had the inside of the bodega tiled by Emilio – the room was so uneven we decided that our tiling skills wouldn’t be up to scratch – he used tiles that we found all over the place when we moved in – they were under trees, sunken into mud, little piles all over the place – – we put them in several huge piles in one spot and thought they’ll come in handy one day! Well they have! Of course, they don’t all match and it’s not designer, but I think Emilio did a great job with what we had, and everything here is about being functional rather than pretty! At least now we have a great place for storing food and preserves.

In the spring we’ll paint the whole of the outside so it all matches up and looks lovely, and that’ll be the house pretty much done!

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