The Fudge Effect

Before Christmas we decided that there were a dozen or so people who have been an enormous help to us since we got here, and we thought we would take the opportunity to say thank you with a little bag of homemade fudge. The list included neighbours, our mechanic, the blokes in the hardware shop, the lady in the post office, the local Mayor (who agreed to make our road legal so the house could be legal!), the lady in the town hall and the people who run the local cafe, amongst others.

So I set to with vast amounts of butter and sugar and spent a day in the kitchen. We got some cellophane sweetie bags and some nice ties, and attached a note saying happy Christmas and thanks for all your help this year.

All of these people were on the list because they’d been so nice and so helpful, but the effect these little bags of fudge have had now has a name in our house – we call it the fudge effect!

The man in the local hardware shop for example – he’s always a bit grumpy, but always helpful (even though we sometimes make him sigh!) – well the fudge effect now sees him smiling and waving when we go in! And it’s the same wherever we go, people waving to us in the street – maybe they don’t often get people showing their appreciation? We know we’ve been a pain, with our bad Spanish and stupid questions!

I think we may have given ourselves an annual job to do now … and one we will happily do!

But it does go to show that a little kindness goes a long way, and it makes us very happy that we’ve made a small difference to someone else’s day.

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