Valentines Day and other ‘commercial’ days …

Once upon a time, we were well and truly in the trap … Valentines Day, Mothers / Fathers Day etc – buying cards and pressies (sometimes quite expensive too!). You’re made to feel like a right git if you don’t take part in these ‘special’ days.

So we’ve dumped them all. And it’s really wonderful! We don’t ignore the fact it’s Valentines Day or our anniversary – we just don’t spend any money on it. Instead, we do something nice for each other (I cooked a nice dinner and Rog is doing all the clearing up!). My view is you should love and appreciate your other half as though it’s Valentines Day every day – probably why we’re still so happy together after 24 years!

We can’t ignore Mothers Day and Fathers Day for our parents – our lives wouldn’t be worth living, but we’ve told our kids we don’t expect cards or pressies – just maybe take 10 minutes to call us – worth so much more than a card to us.

It’s funny how your views change when you remove yourself from being surrounded by commercialism.

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