Re-using old IBC’s

When we moved in here there were 8 old IBC’s along the top terrace, which were used to store water before the finca got a piped water supply. Where they were placed wasn’t great though, as they blocked the third terrace (together with an enormous fig tree), so we had to walk to the other end of our land on the second terrace to get up to the third terrace. As we didn’t need them for water we decided to move them down to the end of our land knowing that one day they would come in handy…

Well, they’ve turned out to be amazing for making so many different things! We are actually using one to store rainwater that comes off the roof – it holds 1000 litres so if we ever have a problem with the piped water we can at least use this for irrigation.

But we also have a roof rack for the car made out of metal casing, a dog kennel and the chicken coop! The only thing we had to buy for the chicken coop was some chicken wire. We used two of the plastic totes to make their little house with roosts inside and a nesting box, and then the cages were cut up and reassembled to make the run! The roof of the run is made from the pergola roof that got destroyed in the storm last September – nothing gets thrown away here!

We also traded one IBC for some local honey, eggs and beans! Leftover bits of metal cage are being used as temporary fencing where we’re trying to stop the dog ragging up and down the worst bits of the banks like a complete lunatic!

Luna’s house, complete with porch:

The chicken coop

They really are the most useful things ever!

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