The ‘State of Alarm’ in Spain

It’s been a bit of couple of weeks – I was due to go to the UK this week to see the family, but ended up going a week ago as my sister is unwell. I planned to come back on my original return date of the 25th, but on hearing that a State of Alarm had been declared here we thought I had better check the flight situation last night – and lucky that I did. I managed to get in a flight into Almeria this morning and am back at home. It turned out to be the last flight into Almeria from London for the foreseeable – and it was only once we landed that the crew told us that we took off with no permission to land – that only came through when we were halfway to Spain. Phew! Gatwick was deserted this morning – there was me and one other person going through security and there were only about 60 people on my flight.

So a State of Alarm is stage one, and can be followed by a State of Emergency, and then the most serious level is a State of Siege (which actually sounds quite exciting!).

So what can we and can’t we do – well for one, you have to be a resident to get into the country. We can go food shopping and go out for medical supplies. Non essential shops, bars, restaurants etc are closed for at least 15 days. We can still get supplies for the dog and the chickens, you can get gas bottles and petrol. You can’t go out unless you are going for supplies, going to work or going to a medical centre. Only one person in the car – clearly want to avoid family trips out. Basically you have to have a good reason for leaving your house – Rog was able to come and get me from the airport this morning – we didn’t see any police but could’ve justified our trip as we were returning to our habitual residence.

Funny, we bought this apocalypse proof place out in the sticks and when the proverbial poo hit the fan, where was I – in the middle of London! I do think a zombie apocalypse would’ve been much more fun than flu! Sorry, I shouldn’t make light of this, and genuinely hope that our elderly friends and families stay safe and healthy.

There’s still food in the supermarkets here – not the stupid panic buying like we’ve seen in the UK in the last few days.

All in all, it won’t make a lot of difference to us as we spend 95% of our time at home anyway – just means that just one of us can go out to get what we need – no real hardship.

It will be interesting to see what happens here over the next few weeks and whether we get raised to a State of Emergency. It will also be interesting to see how the UK responds this week and whether they pursue the herd immunity plan or follow the rest of Europe and go into lockdown.

Strange times indeed …

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