It’s naranja day!

So amidst the Coronavirus situation, we have the orange harvest.

While I was in the UK last week Rog got the call to say that our window for taking the oranges in was Tuesday – Thursday this week. Rog spent last week harvesting as many as he could in preparation for the drop off and he has filled every crate bucket and bag we have here leaving only about 5 trees still to harvest.

Of course then, everything changed with the declaration at the weekend so we were sitting here this morning wondering whether we would be allowed to move our oranges up to the hopper, which is on the main road just outside the village.

But we just got the call – yes, we can take them up there! Hurrah!

So today, in our little 35 year old car, we need to shift 1,300 kg of oranges! And only 1 person can be in the car … so Rog will take them up there and I’ll refill the empty crates he brings back ready for the next run … going to be a long day, but a really exciting one!

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